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First of all, how would you like to help out?

  • I'd like to contribute ideas for technologies to use in the village
  • I'd like to work on design guidelines
  • I'd like to help document the project
  • I'd like to contribute code to the projects
  • I'd like to help out with translation
  • I'd like to add my own Open Village
  • I'd like to help out some other way

We use a lot of different Tools in our community. Check out an overview.

Contributing ideas

  1. Read the “Read me first” board on the left hand side. Click each box to read more
  2. To add ideas you need to be a member, so email to request an invite
  3. Ensure that: a) Your idea isn't already on the board b) It's open source and useful

Discussing Design Guidelines

Right now, most of our discussion is going on in Wechat and being documented via this Wiki. You'll need to:

  1. Download Wechat for your Android or iPhone.
  2. E-mail (, let us know your WeChat ID (usually your phone number) and we'll add you to the group.

Documenting the Project

The section for project documentation is out of date. Please document on!

Our documentation process starts on our Wiki, right here! You'll need to:

  1. Set up an account on Github. Just go for the free option
  2. Reach out to us, via email, Twitter or some other way, let us know your Github username and what you'd like to document, and we'll add you as a contributor

Contributing Code

We're not really at the coding stage yet. When the time comes we'll be working with selected open-source projects and adapting them for the village. Keep your eyes on our website for news on that.

Helping with Translation

We need our content in Chinese and English, though if you'd like to spread the word in other languages, go for it! If you'd like to help translate our official website or documentation wiki, get in touch and let us know. If you'd like to translate the wiki we'll also need your Github username.

All of the content on our wiki is Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 licensed. Right now we're really only looking for Chinese translation, but if you want to translate it to Spanish, Klingon, Esperanto, Welsh, or any other language, just go for it!

Adding your own Open Village

Again, most of this is going via the Wechat group. Check out the section on “discussing design guidelines” above and follow those instructions.

Helping out in other ways

Just reach out to us and let us know. We'll take all the help we can get ;)

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